BOB 101- Latent Chaos:
Discordia Concors

The oldsters of the local scene alternately sound like Can or Spike Jones-- often in the same song. Heavy Brian Wilson perversions.

Discordia Concors is the tape that started it all. By far, the best selling tape of the BOB canon.

Extremly mild and pleasent tasting. Lenny Bruce guest stars.

BOB 103- Various Artists:
Muncie Sampler 1

28 hits from the industrial tundra known as Muncie, Indiana circa 1984.

Goes from cheezy metal to golden pop nugggets with an eerie ease.

BOB 104- The Suadetones:

Covering everything from Roger Miller to
Bruce Springsteen with a high level of lounge consciousness.

Allegedly opened for Sonic Youth in Chicago.

Ultrasuade is a feast of electric piano, quavery voice and cheap, watery drinks.

BOB 105- MCRB:
Your Lucky Number Is:

A groundbreaking, visionary band. Not as pretentious as that sounds.

Your Lucky Number Is... was recorded just hours before their breakup.
A classic collection of pop songs mostly recorded live in studio-- quickly, I assume.

BOB 106- Atomic Butterfly:
Atomic Butterfly

Super improv from the Muncie supergroup.

Intricate songwriting and forceful playing; made loud to be played proud.

BOB 107- Atomic Butterfly:
If The Bomb Falls

A new month brought a new guitar player, new songs and old songs with new titles.

Old songs are fleshed out and new ones are filleted on this live release.

BOB 108- Latent Chaos:
Fred Goes To Stanford

A golden shower of leftovers and alternate versions from the years before Fred left.

For Stanford.

BOB 109- Sonic Clams:
Sonic Clams

The reclusive mystery band. Except for their famous New York tour.

Sonic Clams is a mystical mix of music and found sources-- the likes of which aren't made anymore.

BOB 110- Various Artists:
Muncie Sampler 2

37 tunes recorded in Muncie, Indiana's dorm rooms and basements.

Mid-hits from Mid-America in the mid '80s. You can almost smell the discount soda.

BOB 111- Latent Chaos:
Café Of Onlyness

A broad jump into the pop era. The tape release included a comic by Ed Emmer, drawn specially for this release. This, however, does not.

Cruel, cruel fate.

BOB 112- Latent Chaos:
In Memory Of Velvet Elvis

Recorded live on the Tour-O-World. As heard by dozens.

Arguably their best release, not arguably their last release.


BOB 113- Various Artists:
Muncie Sampler 3

coming someday.

BOB 114- Sonic Clams:
The Experimental Critical Condition

Their second tape includes the epic title track and the radio hit "I Can't Play Guitar."

coming someday.

BOB 115- Various Artists:
Muncie Sampler 4


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